About Us

I keep using the term “us”. My name is Steve Cross and I will be building your website. The term “us” refers to the network of experts in the various specialized fields of web development that I use to accomplish the tasks that I’m not an expert in.

My office is located in Campbell River on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. One of the great things about being a website developer is that my location doesn’t at all restrict who I design sites for. I have had clients all over the world.

I have been building websites since 1994 when I first built a website for my janitorial company. Somehow the owner of a newspaper in Nevada found the site and asked if I could build one for his paper. Things just kind of snowballed from there to the point where I had to sell my janitorial company to make time for web design.

A lot of things have changed on the internet since 1994. It’s taken a lot of time and education to keep up with the technologies and trends but it’s definitely been worth it. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up to date on everything. It also didn’t take long to figure out I didn’t have to.

I focused on the overall development and marketing of websites and how to relate to the business people who need websites. I leave most of the programming to the programmers but I know enough to be able to explain to them how I want the programs written.

My realationship with my network of experts gives me the ability to be able to bring you the technologies of a large corporate web design company at freelance prices.