Website Development Services

* Web page design.
Web page design includes placement of all the elements of the page, formatting text, editing graphics and placement of the images on the page. Web page design also may include special javascripts for menus and special effects. A good web page designer will use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for most of the formatting and layout.

When designing a web page, a good designer will pay attention to placement and wording of text so search engines will be able to index the page properly. The layout of the site should meet standard web page expectations so site users don’t become confused.

* Interactive web applications such as, customer feedback forms, surveys, forums, etc.
Most web users expect more from a website than just a static informational brochure. They want to be able to communicate, have input or get feedback. Interactive websites are almost required these days. We can build custom web applications to suit your customers’ needs.

* E-commerce shopping carts
More people are shopping online now and we can help you get your products in front of those people. Not all products are suited for online sales but we can get you set up with a secure, easy to manage shopping cart system if your products are suitable.

* Content management systems
Many of our clients are using Content Management Systems (CMS) to update their websites. A CMS uses a database to store all the information and pages on your site. The web pages are generated automatically as they are called for by the website visitor. Editing or adding pages in a CMS is as easy as using a word processor.

Most CMS’s have a variety of add on modules like events calendars, membership databases, photo galleries and many other features found on popular websites. These modules can be added as you need them.

* Custom database applications
Client or salespeople login areas, product catalogues, reservation systems, events calendars are all examples of web applications that use databases. We can custom build almost any type of database application you can think of or we can implement “off the shelf” applications.

* Existing website upgrades and search engine optimization
If you are happy with the design of your existing website and you just want to freshen up your content or you aren’t getting the search engine results you expect, we can help.

* Website maintenance and updates.
Most websites will need their content updated periodically to keep their customers coming back. We provide website updates in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We only charge for the work we do and the time we spend.

* Web graphic design & custom logos
Unless our clients have chosen to use a website template, we custom design all the graphics on the sites we build. Even with templates site, we sometimes end up editing the graphics to suit your preferences.

* Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization as a separate entity from web site design is a waste of time and money. With proper knowledge and forethought, the web pages should be optimized for search engines as they are being designed. There is no extra fee for search engine optimization in the sites we build. We can look at your existing site and make recommendations for better search engine placement.

* Website hosting & domain name registration help. Free for our design customers.
We can help you register your domain name and we’ll also be happy to help you set up a hosting account for your website.